Zipato Mini RFID Keypad


The Zipato Mini RFID Keypad combines Z-Wave device automation and RFID. The user can distinguish themselves either by using the hand-operated numeric keypad or by applying the RFID key. It also has a LED light which serves as device indicator. It auto-reports when the device detects a low battery.

Automation schemes run to activate and deactivate the security system by “Home” and “Away” buttons. The Mini RFID Keypad has a sustained 20 codes as well as one RFID. The keypad gauge light will respond with different activities. It also features a walk-in or walk-out alarm. Installation requires a screwdriver. Additionally, two batteries power the device.

Mini RFID Keypad Features:

  • Enter codes manually
  • Alarm indicates disabled/activated
  • Controlled with the Z-wave system
  • Operating distance range: 30m indoor/70m outdoor
  • Comes in white
  • Warranty worth one year


Technical Specifications
Power 2 x AA 1,5V batteries
Frequency Range 908.42 MHz
Operating Temperature Range 10 to 40° C (50 to 104° F)
Humidity 30 to 80 percent
Warranty 1 year standard

Adding Zipato Mini Keypad RFID (iRFID tag and PIN)

Home/Away (Mini Keypad RFiD) activated light via Zipato Controller

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