Zipato Keyfob 5 Remote


The Zipato Keyfob 5 Remote is a portable remote controller designed to control AV devices. Z-Wave Technology supports this device, allowing automation with the IR extender as the bridging device. It has an operating distance range of 10 meters. The Keyfob 5 uses a semi-visible RF radio to control and access the lighting, entertainment, as well as appliances at home.

Z-Wave 500 heightens the security of the Keyfob 5 Remote, as well as offering an OTA update feature. Moreover, the Keyfob 5 is compatible with other Z-Wave devices from many other manufacturers. Non-battery nodes also act as repeaters, enhancing the network. Additionally, it has red and green LEDs which function as indicators of device status. A lithium ion battery (rechargeable via USB) powers this device.

Keyfob 5 Remote Features:

  • Communication range enhanced with high output range
  • Waterproof device (IPX-5)
  • Control eight groups of lighting devices
  • Multiple operations of channels with higher rates of data (9.6/40/100kbps)
  • Warranty worth one year
Technical Specifications
Operating Voltage 3.7V
Charging Connectivity Micro-USB port
Device Dimensions 35 x 80 x 7 mm
Device Weight 28g
Frequency 908.42 MHz
Warranty 1 year standard

Zipato Keyfob 5 Remote

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