Zipato Door/Window Sensor

SKU: VS-ZD2102

The Zipato Door and Window Sensor uses a magnet and sensor that fits on the door or window frame. The sensor reports to the user if the two elements separate. It automatically activates other Z-Wave supported devices when enabled. The sensor also monitors any other open/close objects.

This Door/Window Sensor operates with different Z-Wave networks regardless of the manufacturer. It wires multichannel action and high data rates (9.6/40/100kbps). The sensor sends signals to as many as six Z-Wave controlled devices through a Z-Wave network. It also features a damage resistant casing for protection. Additionally, a LED light acts as an indicator for low battery power.

Door and Window Sensor Features:

  • Sends alerts to a Z-Wave gateway if two components separate
  • Creates home automation scenario
  • Automatic low battery alerts
  • Built-in tamper resistant feature
  • Works with lithium ion battery
Technical Specifications
Power CR123A battery
Operating Voltage 3V
Operating Current 32.2-~34.5mA
Standby Current 2.0~3.5uA
Operating Temperature -10°C ~ 60°C
Magnetic Gap 20mm
Sensor Dimensions 20 x 25 x 88 mm
Weight 38g
Frequency 908.42 MHz
Warranty 1 year standard

Zipato Door/Window Sensor

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