Linear Supervised Wireless Glass Break Detector Transmitter


Glass break detector with a built-in transmitter, 15-foot 360 degree detection range, supervised for low battery and sends hourly status signals, compatible with all Napco® receivers.

Technical Specifications
Power Source Two 3-Volt CR123A Lithium Batteries
Dimension 4.625 x 1.875 (D x H)
Material Type Plastic
Operating Temperature 32° to 120° F (0° to 49° C)
Transmitter Range Up to 500 feet
Battery Life 3 years
Operating Relative Humidity 5 to 95%, non-condensing
Operating Frequency 319.5 MHz
Coverage 12ft/360 degree
Sensor Type Single microphone, dual-stage (thud & crash)
Approved Glass Break Simulator Intellisense Model FG-701
Accessories Screws
Warranty 1 year

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