Linear Supervised Wireless Carbon Monoxide Detector


The DXS-80 Supervised Carbon Monoxide Detector Transmitter is a UL listed †, single station, carbon monoxide alarm with a built-in supervised transmitter. It is compatible with Linear’s wireless DXS Format Security Systems, Personal Emergency Reporting Systems (PERS), and other stand-alone receivers. The DXS-80 provides a warning to alert against both the acute and chronic effects of carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning.

Technical Specifications
Power 3-Volt battery (lithium type 12
Current 7 mA alarm average, 15 µA standby
Dimensions 5.375" W x 5.375" H x 2" D
Detection Methods Electrochemical
Audible Output 85 dBA/10’
Operating Temp. Range 32° -100° F
Frequency 315 MHz
Number of Codes One of 1,048,576 possible codes
Regulatory Listings UL2034
Warranty 2 years

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