Linear Megacode 3-Channel Visor Transmitter


The Linear Mega Code MCT-3, is a 3-Channel Visor garage door or automatic gate remote control designed for use with Linear’s Mega Code series of receivers. Each of the three transmitter buttons will send a unique code when pressed. One button can be used to activate the individual’s garage door opener, a second button can operate an access gate, a third button can activate an additional garage door operator. Programming is done by pressing the learn button on the receiver then just press the button on the remote you’d like to use to open the door or gate.

Technical Specifications
Power Two 2032 batteries
Dimensions 3" W x 1.875" H x .625" D
Weight 12 ounces
Color Black
RF Frequency 318 MHz
Codes 1,000,000+ (MegaCode format)
Compatibility Linear LDO50,LSO50,LDCO800 & LCO75 Operators
Warranty 1 year

Programming a Linear Mega-Code Transmitter

MCT 3 Garage door opener In Stock 630-271-9343

Linear LDCO800: How to Adjust the Open and Close Limits

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