Linear LLC Normally Open Wall mount Transmitter

SKU: D-21A

The Model D-21A Normally Open Wall-mount Transmitter has a normally open input circuit that operates in conjunction with an externally mounted normally open magnetic or mechanical contact. When the external contact closes, the transmitter automatically transmits a two-second digitally coded signal to a companion standard digital receiver. Pressing the test pushbutton on the front of the transmitter will also cause the transmitter to send a signal. Each transmission causes the red LED indicator on the front of the transmitter to light, showing that the transmitter is sending a signal and that the battery is in good condition.

Technical Specifications
Power One 9-volt battery (included)
Dimensions 2.4" W x 4.7" H x .9" D (62 x 120 x 23 mm)
Encoding Technique 8-position DIP switch provided for code setting
RF Carrier Frequency 303.875 MHz
Current Consumption 12 mA DC transmitting
Operating Temperature Battery limited
UPC 693892955505
Warranty 1 year

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