Linear IEI International Electronics Viper Plus glass break detector

SKU: 834L

The IEI 834L Viper Plus with Contact is a frame mount glassbreak/selective vibration detector. The Viper Plus contains a custom integrated circuit designed specifically to detect vibration signals associated with forced entry in a wide variety of surfaces including: windows, doors, walls and glass of all types. You can adjust the Viper Plus for sensitivity over a wide range, but it’s immune to low frequency vibration. The Viper Plus is a standalone sensor with no additional processor required.

Technical Specifications
Operating Voltage 10-15VDC (filtered and regulated)
Power Consumption 6mA (normal); 13mA (alarm)
Sensor Size 3.35” long x 0.90” wide x 1.00” high
Weight 2.1 ounces
Color White
Range Up to 10 ft. radius
Voltage Monitor Low or No Voltage cause alarm activation
Voltage Supervision Alarm Relay
Relay Activation Time 8 seconds
Alarm LED Latch or auto-reset
Alarm Relay SPST (form A) contacts, 0.5A @ 30VDC
Installation Hardwire 4 wires
Operating Temperature 0 ° to 120 ° F (-20° to 50°C)
Mounting Surface – screws included
Warranty 3 years

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