Linear Emergency Transmitter


Emergency Transmitter The Model ET-1B Emergency Transmitter is a single-channel transmitter normally used as a “panic button” in security systems. It is also used in many remote switching applications where a portable transmitter is required. Pressing both buttons on the sides of the transmitter at the same time will send a transmission. 2-Button lockout operation.

Technical Specifications
Power 12 VDC battery (supplied)
Dimensions 1.72 in L x .75 in W x 1.76 in H (44 x 19 x 45 mm)
Material Type Plastic , electronics
Operating Temperature Range Battery limited
Current Consumption 3 mA DC transmitting
RF Carrier Frequency 303.875 MHz
Number of Codes 256
Encoding Technique 8-position cut trace provided for code setting
Warranty 1 year

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