GoControl Z-Wave Premium Home Security Suite


The GoControl Z-Wave Premium Home Security Suite remotely traces home activity through either a tablet or a smartphone. It operates with the Wink Hub to create customizable, expandable home security system, all controllable through an iOS or Android app. The system expands by adding additional door locks, sensors, dimmers and light switches, as well as other peripherals.

The Z-Wave Premium Home Security Suite works with other hubs and controllers. The set includes a motion sensor (120o detection), a light/siren (90Db) that warns intruders, as well as three door-window sensors. The siren also includes a flashing strobe as a supplement to the audible siren. Sensors can sync to other units to trigger actions, such as a light turning on with detected motion when connected to a Wink Hub. In-app push notifications send alerts.

Z-Wave Premium Home Security Suite Features:

  • Battery operated
  • Requires Wink Hub or other Z-Wave controllers
  • Expand system with additional controls and sensors
  • Monitors activities and controls reaction
  • Sensors sync to other products to initiate reaction

Unboxing of Wink GoControl Alarm

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