GoControl Smart Water Leak Sensor

SKU: WF00Z-1

The GoControl Smart Water Leak Sensor is an AC-powered sensor which detects the presence of water. Mount this security device at different zones in the home including toilets, water heater, under sinks, as well as close to appliances like washing machines and dishwashers. When water touches the bottom probe of the sensor, it immediately sends an alert to the system panel through the Z-Wave network.

This Smart Water Leak Sensor has a maximum operating range of 100 feet at a temperature of 32 to 120°F. It works as a repeater thus enhancing network signaling. The sensor connects to a cabled transmitter allowing flexible installation. Mount using the screws or a tape. This device intends to prevent further damage from water overflowing or flooding.

Smart Water Leak Sensor Features:

  • Detects water presence
  • 100ft operating range
  • 32 to 120°F operating temperature
  • Sensor with remote antenna
  • Multi-zone installation

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