GoControl Smart Water Flow Detector

SKU: WL00Z-1

The GoControl Smart Water Flow Detector monitors, controls, and detects any signs of water flow or leakage due to plumbing failure. It attaches to any copper water pipe with 0.5 to 1.5-inch outer diameter and then identifies significant water overflow without cutting open the pipe. This programmable water flow detector creates a schedule to activate the device and alert the user of the device’s status.

This Smart Water Flow Detector sends alerts to the user’s smartphone if there is water flowing longer than the pre-determined parameter. It connects to any smart home hub for remote connectivity thus allowing automation. It also works with the shut-off valves (Z-Wave supported) which automatically shuts off water flow upon detection. “Z-Wave Plus” supports this device, providing broad compatibility through its 500 series controller.

Smart Water Flow Detector Features:

  • Configurable notifications from 10-240 minutes
  • Automatic detection of water flow beyond normal range
  • Works with a wide variety of Z-Wave devices
  • Features the Z-Wave Plus
  • Attaches to copper water pipes

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