August – Doorbell Cam

SKU: AUG-AB01-M01-S01

The August AB-R1 Doorbell Cam is a wireless doorbell with an HD camera attached. Users can watch the feed live from their mobile devices. The camera also records a video for viewing at a later time for users who are away from their mobile devices.

When the doorbell rings, it sends alerts to the user’s mobile device. When connected to the August Smart Lock, users can use the Doorbell Cam to lock or unlock their door remotely.

AB-R1 Doorbell Cam Features:

  • Create and view recordings
  • Alert on doorbell rings
  • Has an HD camera
  • Get smartphone updates
  • 140-degree field of view
  • On-demand and live video
  • Lock/unlock August Smart Lock remotely
Technical Specifications
Dimensions 2.9” (H) x 2.9” (W) x 0.9” (L)
Device Weight 14.1 oz. (400 g)
Standards Bluetooth Specification v4.0 (Bluetooth Smart), 5GHz, 2.4GHz 802.11 (b/g/n) Wi-Fi
Warranty Description 1 year

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