Aeon Labs Key Fob Remote Control

SKU: ZW088-A

The Aeon Labs Key Fob Remote Control is a four (4) button Z-Wave remote for smart homes. The device has a key ring. Running on the Z-wave frequency, the device can add devices to an existing Z-Wave system. Users can also control different devices as long as it configured into the remote itself.

The Key Fob Remote Control’s setup mode allows the remote to setup any device in the network. It has a use mode that enables the remote to control existing devices assigned to the remote.

Key Fob Remote Control Features:

  • Can program up to eight (8) scenes
  • CR2450 3V Lithium battery lasts 12 months
  • 100-feet indoor and 300-feet outdoor range
  • “Button controller” application to modify button function
  • Dimension: 3.2 x 2.4 x 1.2 inches
Technical Specifications
Power lithium battery CR2450 3V replaceable
Dimensions 5.5mm x 3mm x 1.3mm
Operating Temperature -10 to 50 degree Celcius
Operating Humidity 8% to 80%
Operating distance Up to 91 meters outdoors, 30 meters indoors
Z-Wave Frequency 868.42MHz
Z-Wave technology Z-Wave Plus (Gen 5) 868.42 MHz
Display LED to confirm wireless operations
Local operation 4 buttons plus mode button
Protection IP20
Color Black
Warranty One Year Limited Warranty

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Aeon Labs - KeyFob (GEN5) - Uitpakken

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