2GIG -Touch Screen Keypad (for GC2 Panels)

  • 2GIG Wireless Touchscreen Keypad, Front Left View

The 2GIG Touchscreen Keypad is a remote controlled device to allow control of home automated devices such as locks, thermostats, lights, and others at home. It is a colored touchscreen interface integrated with the Go Control alarm system to activate its functionality. Such function extends to the 2GIG control panel of the user’s different locations at home.

This Touchscreen Keypad is intended for indoor use only with GC2 Panels. It can communicate with other devices or panels through its 900 MHz frequency to allow manifestation of the same features of any panels at any parts of the house containing the main panel. It is recommended to place the keypad at access or exit ways. If the keypads are damaged, alert signals relay to the central system or the interactive service.

Touchscreen Keypad Features:

  • Colored touchscreen interface
  • User-manageable interface
  • One touch navigation of Home and Emergency options
  • Features Z-Wave
  • Receives alerts, chimes, and notifications


Technical Specifications
Display 4.3″ QVGA full color
Dimensions 6.7″ x 4.3″ x 0.8″
Wireless 900 Mhz frequency hopping bi-directional communication
Range 500 feet line of site
Power 14 VAC using including AC adapter
Speaker Playback of locally store annunciation messages, chimes and alarms
Regulatory Approvals FCC part 15
Languages 2GIG-TS1-E English, 2GIG-TS1-C French, 2GIG-TS1-S Spanish
Box Contents 2GIG‐TS1 • AC Power Supply • AC Power Supply Bracket • Screws and anchors
Warranty Warranted against defects in material and workmanship for 1 year

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