2GIG – Smoke, Heat, Freeze Sensor

  • 2GIG Heat, Smoke, Freeze Sensor compatible with 2GIG Go.
SKU: SMKT3‐345
345 MHz

The 2GIG Smoke, Heat, and Freeze Sensor is a security device with 2GIG Go compatibility. The sensor embedded in this product can automatically detect any unwanted emission of smoke, or a temperature rise or drop. When this happens, it immediately sends a signal to the system control panel and sends a notification to the user to provide a suitable response.

It has an 85 decibel sound for an audible signal, while a red LED blinks simultaneously. This Smoke, Heat, and Freeze Sensor is intended for a unit with a 35-foot radius. It alerts the central control about its battery condition.

Smoke, Heat, and Freeze Sensor Features:

  • 3-in-1 motion detector (smoke, heat, and freeze)
  • Separation of 3 detectors is possible
  • Built-in audio
  • Transmission is supervised
  • Requires three (3) AAA batteries
  • LED status notification
Technical Specifications
Dimensions 0.5 inches x 2.5 inches
Weight 8.57oz
Compatibility 2GIG Go!Control Panel
Transmitter Frequency 345.00 MHz (crystal controlled)
Transmitter Frequency Tolerance +/- 15 kHz
Transmitter Bandwidth 24 kHz
Modulation Type Amplitude shift keying-on/off keying (ASK-OOK)
Unique ID Codes Over 1 billion different code combinations
Supervisory Interval 70 minutes
Spacing Rating 70 feet
Audible Signal (ANSI Temporal 3) 85dB
Sensitivity 0.5-3.5% / foot
Maximum Current 50mA
Alarm Current 2 0mA
Supervisory Current 25uA
Operating Temperature 40° - 100°F 4.4° - 37.8°C
Relative Humidity 15-90% non-condensing
Batteries 3 AAA
Color White
Regulatory Listing UL 217
Manufacturer Warranty 2 years

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