2GIG – GC3 Security & Home Control

  • The 2GIG GC3 Security Home Control for smart home security protection.
345 MHz

The 2GIG GC3 Security Home Control provides a package deal for controlling household security. It can show an update with the date, time, and weather forecast on its colored touchscreen. It features the two-way contact that lets the user listen and receive a response in the case of an emergency. It has an embedded speaker and microphone for audibility when alerts are received. The system can be armed/disarmed and set to bypass mode.

It provides wireless operation and programming. The GC3 Security Home Control requires a cellular antenna for operation. For added security, this device features 24 alarm buttons, burglary protection options, and programmable security codes. It can communicate with different networks as AT&T’s 3G network, Verizon’s networks, and Roger’s GSM network.

GC3 Security Home Control Features:

  • Alarm and Home Button
  • 87 decibels sounder with an internal audio
  • No tools required for installation of snap-in radio
  • Embedded security codes
  • Integrated with vocabulary list on-screen
  • Has wireless sensor
  • LED indicators
  • Program a maximum of 100 wireless zones, wired zones, and solid-state outbell terminals


Technical Specifications
Power 100-240VAC 50/60Hz 1.7A 14VDC adapter
Dimensions 8.9inch x 5.25inch x 1.25inch
Weight 8 ounces
Color White
Resolution 800 x 480 pixels
Operating Temperature 0C to 40C
Device Capacity 232 Z-Wave devices
Firmware Updates Over-the-air, USB
Batteries 3 AA batteries (required)
Certifications UL985, UL1023, UL1635

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