2GIG – Bypass Door Window Contact

  • 2GIG window and door contact that temporarily bypasses the security alarm.
SKU: DW40-345
345 MHz

The 2GIG Bypass Door Window Contact is used to bypass an armed door or window by just pushing a hidden button on the contact. It functions as a bypass until the door or window are contacted or closed again. The Bypass Contact prevents arming or disarming when activated. For an added security, the button used for activating the bypass feature can deactivate.

The Bypass Door Window Contact relays a unique code to the authorized user that enables the bypass feature. A LED aids inputting of the code and its red light provides the status of the bypass feature. This contact connects with the system with a frequency of 345 MHz. It has a 275-foot wireless range signal with the system control panel.

Bypass Door Window Contact Features:

  • Local bypassing with a hidden button
  • Micro-sized device
  • Specially coded message for authorized user
  • Tamper-resistant cover for device protection
  • LED light for inputting assistance
  • Powered by CR2032 battery
Technical Specifications
Dimensions 1 x 0.4 x 1.5 inches
Color White
Wireless Signal Range 275 ft (80 m) with 2GIG Panel
Code Outputs Alarm; Alarm Restore; Supervisory; Low Battery; Tamper; Tamper Restore; Rocal Bypass Enabled*; Local Bypass Disabled*
Transmitter Frequency 345.00 MHz (crystal controlled)
Unique ID Codes over one (1) million different code combinations
Supervisory Interval 70 minutes

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