2GIG – 4 Button Keyfob Remote

  • 2GIG 4-Button Key Fob Remote with Stay, Away, Arm, and Disarm functions.
SKU: KEY2‐345
345 MHz

The 2GIG 4-Button Key-Fob Remote is an add-on device for an existing security system. It is a key fob remote with four buttons which provide the Stay, Away, Arm and Disarm modes. Sending of different signals synchronously is possible whenever necessary.

It can remotely activate the outputs programmed in the control panel. It communicates with the control panel with a frequency of 345 MHz. The 4-Button Key-Fob Remote requires a lithium-ion battery. It suits well on keychains, pockets, or purses by just attaching it to its key ring.

4-Button Key-Fob Remote Features:

  • 4-buttons corresponding to different function modes
  • Aux button to activate panic mode
  • LED as an indicator
  • Wireless coverage up to 350 feet in open air
  • Combine with other devices
Technical Specifications
Power Source One Panasonic CR2025, or equivalent Lithium batteries (installed with pull tab)
Dimensions (LxWxH) 1.23 x2.26 x 0.45 in. (3.12 x 5.74 x 1.14 cm) typical
Weight (including battery and magnet) 0.65 oz. (18.4 g)
Color White
Operating Temperature Limits 32° to 120° F (0° to 49° C)
Wireless Signal Range 350 ft, open air, with 2GIG Wireless Control Panel
Code Outputs Arm; Disarm; Panic; Relay Control
Transmitter Frequency 345.000 MHz (crystal controlled)
Transmitter Frequency Tolerance ±15kHz
Transmitter Bandwidth 24kHz
Modulation Type Amplitude Shift Keying‐‐On/Off Keying (ASK‐OOK)
Unique ID Codes Over one million different code combinations
Supervisory Interval 70 minutes
Peak Field Strength Typical 40,000 uV/m at 3m
Relative Humidity 5‐95% Non‐Condensing
Included Accessories Key ring
Warranty 2 years

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