About Enlight.tech

Enlight.tech was founded to change the game for all users in browsing, researching, and purchasing technology. Currently, the way someone finds tech on the internet is separate from the process of finding out the worthiness of said tech. It’s not complete, and you never have an answer to the question: is this all that is really out there? Enlight aims to provide an environment that contains everything for all of the products in the industries we touch. No more searching for videos, instructional PDFs, How-To’s, user/installer manuals, spec sheets, or firmware updates. No more forum trolling for useful information, or hacks. And no more searching for the best retailer. It’s all under one sweet location. Enlight.tech.

Where we started

Our technology index started with Automation and Security for a few reasons. First, the security industry is one of the most “behind the times” and corrupt industries out there in the tech world. If you own a home alarm, you should not pay more than $30 for your monitoring services. It’s common for security companies to quote $1000 for an alarm panel you can get on Amazon for $250. With Enlight, you can go to the security panel section on our site, tell your security salesman to point to which panel they will be installing in your house, and then ask them why their price is so different than the one listed on Enlight.tech.

Another reason for our starting point is Automation is new for most people, and a lot of products are being released in swarms. Understanding it can be complicated, and understanding how the products work together can be even worse. Between our blog, product discussions, compatibility checker, and advanced features, buyer’s remorse will be a thing of the past when it comes to tech. Smart purchases of critical products will be your future.

Automation products are usually interwoven with security products, which is why we have paired the two so closely. In some cases, alarm panels serve as the controller for the entire house; like its “brain.” While in other cases, they are only an alarm system with a separate automation system.

Where we are

Currently, Enlight is still under heavy development, but our core is live! On the Enlight platform users can:

  • Browse over 4000 automation and security products
  • View product videos, PDFs, and pictures
  • Download all product resources
  • Comment & review products
  • Create system lists or “builds” to share and recommend in and outside of Enlight.tech
  • Navigate our product database through the smart filter, or standard search
  • Create and customize a profile
  • View Enlight.tech blog releases
  • Purchase products through Amazon

We have set our bar high at Enlight.tech: to flourish and revolutionize the way the world handles tech and the sharing of information. We need a strong community: the everyday consumers, DIY enthusiasts, and technicians of all niches to help us! Index the tech YOU specialize in and become one of our ambassadors, just peruse the site and leave, or leave us some feedback by emailing hello@enlight.tech. Let’s set a new standard of truth, together.