Features on Smart Doorbells That You Will Love

July 17, 2017

Not everyone who knocks on your door is a good guest, and sometimes you want to know more about them before you let them in. With traditional doorbells, you have no choice but to either stare out the window or get surprised or annoyed when you open the door. A smart doorbell looks like your traditional doorbell because a visitor can push a button but that is where the similarities end. Here are some smart doorbell features you will love:

They have a camera

Smart doorbells have dedicated IP cameras that keep watch on the activities that happen around your front door. They allow you to monitor the activities by sending you a live video to your smartphone. They can also send you alerts when the doorbell is pressed. Some can send a video recording to a Cloud-based server that can help police find a possible intruder. It is also a good way to check whether a package you ordered was delivered while you are away from home.

Two-way audio

With two-way audio, you do not have to walk to the front door to talk to a visitor that has pressed the doorbell. You can simply have a conversation with him or her in real time using your smartphone. Since you can also use the two-way audio feature when you are away from home, you can talk directly to an intruder without him knowing you are not at home. It is also an easy way to keep annoying exes and neighbors at the door without having to talk to them face-to-face.

They integrate with other smart devices in your home

Some smart doorbells are compatible with hubs like SmartThings, Wink, and even the Amazon Echo speaker. For instance, the Ring Smart Doorbell has a camera that lets you check who is at the door and you can use voice control via Amazon Echo.

Smart doorbells that can integrate with hubs allow you to set up scenes that can turn on specific lights when someone presses the doorbell at night, and so on.

They do not always need a hub

Buying a hub together with a smart lock can sometimes be an expensive undertaking. But you do not need a hub when you purchase the August Doorbell Cam because it features built-in Bluetooth technology. That means that people who are technophobes will have an easier time opening their doors.

They have motion sensors

Motion sensors are extremely helpful especially when you are not monitoring the doorbell camera, and your phone is in another room. The device will quickly sense motion around the door and send a notification to your phone. You can then investigate what is going on. The SkyBell HD Wi-Fi-enabled video doorbell is one example of a doorbell that also comes with a motion sensor.

Other smart door bells that have some or all of these features include the Zmodo Greet, Chui Face Recognition Doorbell, Doorbot, and others. For more information about smart locks and smart doorbells, please visit our website today.


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