5 Non-Smart Objects in Your Home That Will Be Automated

June 21, 2017

Take a look around your home and try to pick out the items you think will be automated in the future. You may spot some objects that you think could never be automated or would not make sense to automate. Those are the objects or items that you could call “dumb.” Automating here means taking a dumb object and then fitting it with sensors and a bridge that allows it to communicate with other devices through protocols like Wi-Fi.

At the moment it seems that they have automated everything that needs automation. For example, things like coffee makers, microwaves, and traditional ovens, lights, ceiling fans have all been automated. But judging from the popularity of IoT in almost all industries that exist, it is only a matter of time before every dumb object in your home gets connected to the internet. Let’s look at five dumb objects in your home that could be automated next:

Your coffee table

You may be shaking your head right now wondering what use there is for making a coffee table smart. But doubt no more because it is already happening in the form of the Sobro Coffee Table. If you have ever wanted to have your fridge at arm’s length chilling your beer as you relax on your couch, then you’ll want this table.

The table has a small refrigerator drawer and also has a built-in Bluetooth speaker. You can pair the speaker with your smart devices to play all of your favorite music. Who knows, in just a few years the Sobro table will be sending you alerts about how chilled your beer is.

Your frying pan

Frying pans usually just lie on the stove doing nothing as you stir your food. Soon, these typical dumb kitchen utensils could do more for your food than they do now.

Take, for example, the Pantelligent (pan and intelligent) smart frying pan that has a temperature sensor that sends alerts to a dedicated app on your smartphone. It warns you when your food risks overcooking, burning, or undercooking. Imagine if the pan could communicate with your smart stove and make it adjust itself as the food cooks. You never know, soon you may be able to talk to your pan through the Echo or Google Home.

Smart clothes

The idea of creating smart clothes has been floating around for years. Large companies like Samsung, Google, and Under Armour among others have been thinking about creating clothes that can keep tabs on your general health. These will include everyday comfortable clothes and fitness clothes that you wear at the gym.

Omsignal already developed the OMbra fitness bra and Om smart shirts for men. These clothes can read things like heart rate, distance cadence, and pace and displays the data on a dedicated app. Another example of an existing smart item of clothing is the Belty, an internet connected belt that loosens itself when you have had too much to eat.

Your toothbrush

Most toothbrushes are rather dumb and uninteresting except for Oral B’s Smart Series Bluetooth toothbrush. It doesn’t just pulsate and rotate to clean your teeth. It also connects to Bluetooth for real-time brushing guidance through your smartphone.

In future, you could potentially buy a toothbrush that will not just clean your teeth but also scan them to find cavities and send the information to your dentist.

Your trashcan

As the world becomes more aware of the need to go green, there is a chance that your trashcan could be fitted with sensors to help you with recycling. The trashcan could scan an item that you have thrown into it, identify the material and send an alert to your phone with information about where to recycle or donate the item.

The Bruno trashcan also shows another way a smart trashcan could work. The Kickstarter-funded trashcan comes fitted with a vacuum feature that sucks in the trash that you sweep under it.

To some people, automating these objects is a waste of time. But some experts argue that connecting everything to the internet contributes to the overall advancement of IoT. This means that the feedback developers get from connecting dumb objects can help them invent even better connected devices that will help change the world. For more information about IoT and home automation, please visit our website today.


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