Google Home Voice Control for Alarm.Com Security

June 15, 2017

Something about giving voice commands to your connected home makes you feel like a hero in a science fiction thriller. powered homes now allow you to use voice control to enhance your home’s security.

Arm and Disarm

Users of can now add their security system under Google’s Assistant apps sections by simply saying the “Ok Google, talk to” command. Users will then have access to all the options that come with integrating their system with Google.

Once added, you can arm and disarm your security system by giving voice commands to your Google Home devices. At night after tucking in your kids and you’re getting ready for bed, give the “Okay Google, ask to arm the security system” command to your Google Home. The disarming process is just as simple.

There is an option to add a four-digit PIN to disarm your security system, which adds an extra layer of security to your system. It gives you the assurance that an intruder cannot disarm your security system through voice control if they do not know the PIN code. Say “Okay Google: ask to disarm the security system with (PIN)” to disarm your system with the PIN.

You can ask Google Assistant about your smart locks’ status or ask it to unlock doors and adjust the temperature. You can also use voice commands to lock or unlock your garage door and turn on the lights. Unlocking your door also comes with the option to add a PIN that grants you entry into your home. Use “Okay Google: ask to open the front door with (PIN)” command for this.

Integrating Other Platforms

The integration was made possible by Actions on Google. This platform caters to third-party developers and services that want to integrate with Google. So far, companies like LG, GE, Logitech, and others have already added Google integration to their products. This integration gives Google an advantage over Alexa because Alexa integration does not offer the unlock or disarm functionalities. But judging from the heated competition in the automation market, it is only a matter of time before Amazon Alexa offers these options with

Adding to Google’s ecosystem gives the tech giant more leverage in the home automation integration department because it may sway consumers to buy Google Home. More security companies and smart lock makers are racing to add voice control to their systems to benefit from the feature’s popularity. They had been hesitating to do so because of security concerns. However, now that larger companies like Google are adding features like voice recognition it is becoming easier to merge voice control with security systems. For more information about home automation and smart home security, please visit our website today.


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