What To Expect In A HomeKit Home

June 14, 2017

Recently Apple announced its partnership with the homebuilder company Brookfield Residential to build houses with HomeKit accessories pre-installed. Apple wants home buyers like you to have the choice to buy a house not just based on the floor boards or the kitchen design but also based on its automation system. There are many things you should expect to find in a HomeKit Home.

A Walkthrough at Delano

The first development with a pre-installed Homekit package is Delano at Eastwood Village in Irvine. When you get to the front door of a Delano Brookfield HomeKit home, you will find Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt. This smart deadbolt uses Bluetooth Smart technology and has a built-in alarm technology that can sense door attacks. It can hold up to 30 access codes at a time and also comes with a traditional key. Schlage Sense Deadbolt has an illuminated touchscreen that allows you to enter your access code with ease even in the dark.

After you walk through the front door into the home, you will notice the Lutron’s switch-based Caseta smart lighting products. The wireless Lutron smart switches allow you to control your lights, shades, and home temperature from anywhere. They are easy to install, and they work with multiple dimmable LEDs and CFLs.

The switch can operate with the Nest Cam to secure your home. For example, the Nest Cam triggers the switch to turn on when it notices an intruder. The switch also works with Hunter HomeKit-enabled fans, and you can adjust the fan using Siri or the Lutron App.

Another likely product on the wall inside the HomeKit house is the Honeywell’s Lyric T6 Pro-Series Smart Thermostat. You can control this thermostat from anywhere using your smartphone or tablet to maximize on home comfort and energy savings. It can also detect your location through your smartphone, which makes it easy to adjust the settings to save energy when you are away. This smart thermostat not only works with Apple’s HomeKit but also Amazon Alexa on Echo devices.

HomeKit Capabilities

With Apple’s HomeKit you can set several scenes on the Home app that can trigger several devices in your home to work in unison. For instance, the system could trigger the lights to turn on, open the blinds, set the thermostat, and unlock the front door when you say the “Hey Siri, turn on Good Morning” command. A scene like “Hey Siri, turn on TV time” can leave the lights on in the TV room, shut the blinds, and switch off other lights in the house. You can set your custom scene command for Siri.

Customers that may not know how to use the devices in their HomeKit home fully can contact Brookfield tech support. The company created the tech support portion within its customer care department to help potential home buyers and new HomeKit homeowners. A television screen will also guide potential home buyers touring the houses alone on the available devices within the home.


Some people may be disappointed that HomeKit homes do not have many HomeKit compatible devices in them. Industry insiders do indicate that these houses are only the first group of houses with pre-installed HomeKit devices and that future homes will have more HomeKit compatible devices installed. For instance, one test HomeKit home at the KB Home’s Magnolia complex at Patterson Ranch in California has pre-installed HomeKit products worth $30,000.

Another issue buyers may have is that homes with pre-installed HomeKit only work with HomeKit or iOS compatible devices. Home buyers that primarily use Apple smartphones or tablets can rest easy because they only have to use one app to control all the devices in the home. However, Android users will have to download the dedicated apps for the devices in the HomeKit home to manage them. For more information about home automation, please visit our website today.


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