Signs You Need Smart Switches

June 6, 2017

Everything seems to be smart today from TVs to watches to bathtubs, and this may make the term “smart” almost lose its appeal for you. But the traditional meaning of smart tech is quickly changing, especially now that advanced Artificial Intelligence allows smart home devices to learn your habits and preferences. For example, a Nest Thermostat can learn your temperature preferences at various times of the day and then adjust itself automatically.

A smart home allows you to enjoy automatic and even remote control of electronics, devices, and appliances within your home. Smart switches are a single aspect of smart homes, and they help a lot. Look for these signs that you need smart switches:

You are short of money

Let’s say you are a huge fan of automated homes, but you never seem to get enough money to buy devices like the Amazon Echo or Nest Thermostats. You could give up on automating your home, or you could start small by purchasing smart switches. The following switches have a cost of less than $50: Wemo Light Switch ($47), Switchmate ($24-$29, depending on color), and iDevices Switch ($49), as well as others equally as affordable.

Some smart switches not only allow you to control the lights but also enable you to automate things like fans, coffee makers, and air purifiers. For instance, with the Wemo Insight Switch when you plug your non-smart devices into it, you can use the Wemo app to schedule the non-smart device. Wemo also has a light switch which requires hardwiring.

You want to go green and save on your electricity bill

No one wakes up every morning intending to pollute the environment, but it happens. Smart switches can help you reduce your carbon footprint by helping you use electricity more efficiently. For example, you can set personalized schedules for your switches.

This scheduling means that they can automatically turn the lights and other appliances off when you are not at home to save energy. You can also turn off lights you forgot to turn off by using the app for the particular smart light switch installed. As a result, you could lower your electricity bills.

Safety and convenience

If you hate feeling the wall for the light switch as you trip on boxes and furniture every evening when you get home from work, then you need a smart switch. Imagine turning on the lights even before you enter your home. No more tripping and hurting your toes. Just download the specific app for your smart light switch and use your smartphone or tablet as a remote control.

At night, when you are tired and about to fall sleep, you may remember that the lights in a particular room in your house are still on. Simply pull out your phone and conveniently switch them off and then go back to sleep.

Your light switches are ugly or boring

If your switches are boring and you want to replace them, you do not need to replace them with other standard switches. Buy a switch that not only looks good on the wall but is also smart enough to communicate with your smartphone.

Since some smart switches require hardwiring into your existing electrical wire network, you may need to call an experienced technician or electrician to do it for you. For the DIY enthusiasts, the smart switch’s manuals come with the step-by-step installation process. Check out the product’s page on our site to find PDF versions of these manuals, as well as how-to videos. For more information about smart lighting and home automation, please visit our website today.


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