Newest Tech for Automating Your Home

June 2, 2017

These days a new device for automating your home is unveiled almost every month and for a good reason. Everyone wants a piece of an industry that will reach about $100 billion in revenues in a few years’ time. Let’s look at the newest devices for home automation.

WeMo Mini

The WeMo Mini Wi-Fi Smart Plug lets you automate anything you plug into it just like its bigger original version. The small size means that it does not block off adjacent outlets as the traditional WeMo switches do.  You can integrate the device with platforms and services like Google Home, Amazon’s Alexa, IFTTT, and Nest.

However, it does not support Apple’s HomeKit and cannot be controlled using Siri. This is a perfect solution for anyone who has an Amazon Echo or a Google Home.

You can use it for lamps, desk fans, space heaters, and other small devices that you may want to automate. It sells for only $34.99.

D-Link Omna

The Omna is a perfect security cam for people who use HomeKit or iOS users. You can monitor your home securely with its advanced security features such as end-to-end encryption and authentication between the camera and the phone or iPad.

It can detect activity and send you notifications that appear on the lock screen of your device. The camera has an 180-degree field of view and dewarping technology that allows you to see everywhere and everything. It also has a dynamic video streaming capability that adjusts itself for optimal performance even with unstable bandwidth performance.

Additionally, the Omna features two-way audio that allows you to speak to whoever the camera captures, and they can talk back to you. At night or in darkness, the camera utilizes its infrared night vision capabilities. The camera’s stylish design fits right in with your eclectic interior design.

The Z-Wave Dome Mouser

If you wished for a less messy mouse trap that is also smart, then the Dome Mouser should count as a blessing. The Dome Home Automation DMMZ1 Mouse Trap is an electronic trap that runs on Z-Wave technology.

It uses a powerful jolt of electricity that kills rodents it traps quickly and humanely. Just set the bait, place it in the desired location and download the Dome app. Then wait for it to alert you when it requires emptying. You can integrate it with Samsung’s SmartThings, Vera, Piper, Harmony, URC, and Nexia.

The Mouser has up to 150-foot Z-Wave range and is powered by 4-AA batteries. The batteries can trigger the device more than 50 times. It requires a Z-Wave certified hub for functionality and notification, but can also work as a standalone mouse trap.

Echo Show

The Echo Show is an Amazon Echo device with a 7-inch touchscreen. There were several leaks about the device appearance before it launches June 28th. The Show allows you to watch YouTube videos, view music lyrics, see weather forecasts, and enjoy hands-free video calls. It also has a feature that lets you check on your elderly family members and children called “DropIn.”

It has eight microphones to enhance your voice control experience and allows you to use all the existing Alexa skills. You can get one for only $229.99 starting this month.

Ikea’s Tradfri Lights

If you want smart lights on a budget, then you can opt for Ikea’s Tradfri smart lighting kit. You can get the $25 starter kit that includes a smart bulb and a motion detector bundle or opt for the fully priced $80 starter kit. The fully priced kit has a wireless remote, a gateway hub, and two smart bulbs. The gateway hub requires direct router access for it to work as intended but it does not operate with other third-party devices or services.

All you home automation nerds should expect other exciting automation devices like smart speakers, smart switches, smart cameras and more in the coming months. For more information about home automation devices, please visit our website today.


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