Amazon Echo Now Has A Touch Screen

May 26, 2017

Recently, Amazon officially unveiled its new device, the Amazon Echo Show. Some industry insiders describe it simply as an Amazon Echo Device with a 7-inch touchscreen. The Wi-Fi-enabled Echo Show plays media, responds to voice commands, and has a video chat feature. You can use it to set timers, listen to music, get weather updates, watch YouTube videos, and so on. The device was leaked online before the company unveiled it, but now that Amazon released it, we can now judge it by its specifications

The basics

The Echo Show weighs approximately two pounds, has eight built-in microphones, a front 5-megapixel camera on the top, and a Dolby- equipped speaker below. The main feature of this new Amazon device is video calls with family members, made possible by the screen and camera. People who own the Echo Show and those who use Alexa can use the video chat feature.

In their ads for this device, Amazon seems to be pushing it mostly for communication between grandchildren and their grandparents. In fact, Amazon says that they picture the device being used mainly to check in on elderly family members.

Video calling made easy

You can already have voice or video calls with your phone, but with the Echo Show, all you have to do is tell Alexa to video call someone. There is no need to pull out a phone and swipe through your contact list. Echo Show also allows you to use the new Alexa Calling Feature to send text messages to your device or a family member or friend’s Alexa-enabled device. On the Amazon website, they say that whenever there is a new message, you will hear a chime and a green light will appear on your device.

Drop In Feature

The Echo Show has another feature called “Drop In” that allows you to connect with your loved ones instantly. With Drop In, you can notify your loved ones when dinner is ready, check in on your baby’s nursery, review your child’s drawing, and so on. Another fascinating thing about the Echo Show is that you can connect it to a smart security camera like Arlo or Ring.

This feature allows you to ask Alexa to show you a room or any area around your house where there is a camera. For instance, you can check your video feed by saying “Alexa check the front door.” It is a helpful feature for people who dread going downstairs to check where the noise is coming from.

Apart from the cameras, you can use the Echo Show to control devices like the Nest thermostat, Philips Hue Lights, WeMo, Ecobee, and much more. The Echo Show is available from Amazon for $230 in the US, and you can get a discount of $100 if you buy two Echo Shows ($360). So far, there is no information on whether or not it will be available outside the US. The device is cheaper than a phone or tablet that has Google Assistant despite them having similar features. For more information about security cameras and Amazon products, please visit our website today.


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