Google Home Adds Multiuser Support

May 17, 2017

Previously Google Home could only support one user. It tailors its responses to questions based on the data collected from that user’s Google account. Now, Google Home can differentiate voices of people and tailor responses based on data from their personal Google accounts. You can now connect up to six different Google accounts on the same Home and get a more personalized service.

How it works

To quickly differentiate between voices, Google Home uses artificial intelligence neural networks that work in Google search and Google translate. You can train the device to recognize different voices by saying “Ok Google” and “Hey Google” two times each to allow the device to detect the characteristic of your voice. Then from that point, when you say “Ok Google” or “Hey Google” the neural network on Google Home will compare the sound of your voice to its previous analysis to detect who is speaking to it. The whole comparison process takes less than a second.

Press the “devices” button on the top right-hand corner of the Home to add more Google accounts to the system. Home’s ability to distinguish between different voices means that you no longer have to hear someone else’s favorite music playlist or calendar appointments. You will also have an easier time making adjustments to your Google calendar. Google Home will be able to tell if it is you speaking and identify the right Google account to adjust.

Additionally, e-commerce purchases through Google Home will be easier for each person living in your home. They no longer need to manually sign off when they want to switch to their personal store accounts. Google Home allows users to purchase goods from Target, Whole Foods, and Bed Bath & Beyond through voice command.

Only Google for now

The ability to differentiate users’ voices gives Google an edge over the Amazon Echo, its greatest competitor. Currently, Amazon Echo can link to a user’s calendar and online purchase history but can only support single user data. Although, Amazon will not have any problem adding the ability to distinguish between different voices to its Echo devices. Amazon Echo’s tech giant parent company has not only the money but also the expertise to surpass any change Google makes to its Google Home products.

A personalized user experience is essential because it makes Google Home much more functional. It allows it to become a valuable necessity rather than just a cool gadget that you show off to friends or that gives you an illusion of living in a futuristic home. This may seem like a big step for Google, but it is still puzzling and disheartening that they have done this without giving the speaker the ability to separate between an individual’s personal and work accounts. Visit our website today to get more information about home automation and get access to our home automation PDF manuals and videos.

Check out the new features coming soon to Google Home:

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