Apple HomeKit Now Compatible with Logitech’s Pop

May 15, 2017

The first generation Pop Smart Switch has a very simple design, but you can use it to control smart lighting, music, and other devices in your home. It allows you to program three custom commands to control different smart devices in your home.

The switch has been available for quite awhile and was already compatible with products like August Smart Locks, Philips Hue Lights, and even Sonos speakers. It also features compatibility with Logitech’s home automation devices like the Harmony Hub.

A whole new world…

The company is now joining up with Apple to open up new possibilities for the automated home. They have done this by creating a new Pop programmable button that integrates with Apple’s HomeKit. The original idea around the Pop is that it would free up control of smart devices from smartphone apps. In other words, anyone can control smart devices in your home with Pop switches even without a smartphone with the dedicated app for each device.

One Pop Switch can control more than one device in your home, but you can add more buttons to allow you to control several smart home devices. These buttons communicate with each other through a Pop bridge that enables the buttons to connect to a Wi-Fi network. Each Pop bridge can connect to an unlimited number of Pop Buttons.

According to Renee Niemi, Vice President and General Manager of Logitech Smart Home, the most important thing to add to a smart home is simplicity. She says that Logitech adding HomeKit compatibility to Pop is meant to make customer’s smart home experience more versatile and entertaining. Simplicity in home automation is intended to reduce clutter and attract more customers to the automation market.


Now that the Pop Switch is compatible with HomeKit, you can customize it through the Apple Home app. It integrates with iOS smart home devices. The Pop comes pre-paired with Apple HomeKit, which makes discovering the device with the Home app is straightforward and secure. Just create the scenes you want, then use Pop gestures to activate them.

Other non-HomeKit devices controllable using the button include Osram lighting, Hunter Douglas, and Lutron products. Unfortunately, the HomeKit feature will not be available for people who own the first generation Pop buttons. The first generation of Pop Home Switches will continue getting updates to add functionality. However, none of the updates will include the ability to integrate with HomeKit.

The new Logitech Pop Programmable Switch Kit costs $79.99, which includes two switches with a Pop bridge. They will soon be available exclusively in Apple’s physical as well as online stores. To extend the functionality of the device, you can purchase additional buttons for $39.99. Visit our website to get access to other smart home connected switches, PDF guides, and video tutorials.

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