Samsung’s Big Plans for Future Home Automation

May 2, 2017

Samsung has created a significant presence for itself in the home automation market with their SmartThings line of products. It is a presence that they intend to maintain even as new competitors like Apple have started to eye the automation market seriously.

The Galaxy S8 Smartphone

Recently Samsung launched the Galaxy S8 smartphone that can activate appliances through Connect, an app based on the company’s SmartThings platform.

Using the app, you can control smart lights in your home or start a vacuum cleaner by flicking your finger. You can even use it to ask the Family Hub Refrigerator to analyze refrigerator contents and create a shopping list. Apart from the S8 smartphone, the company also introduced a Connect Home Router. The router allows you to control SmartThings devices by Samsung as well as other companies that produce devices compatible with Samsung SmartThings.

The router is already getting a lot of attention, and some industry experts are even calling it Samsung’s answer to the Google router.

Artificial Intelligence

Additionally, Samsung has been on a hunt for companies that specialize in AI. This addition of AI could help predict what they want to add to their home automation products. They bought the virtual assistant Viv last year, and Yoon indicates that the virtual assistant will be showing up on all Samsung products that use voice recognition systems.

These include Samsung smartphones, smart fridges, and hubs. According to BK Yoon, President and Chief Executive of the Consumer Electronics at the Korean group, Samsung wants to develop technology that can read the minds of its customers.

Viv was founded by former creators of Apple’s Siri, which could mean that Samsung is well on its way to create its version of Alexa. Artificial intelligence allows you have a somewhat intelligent conversation with virtual assistants on Echo or Google Home. In fact, personal virtual assistants are simply artificial intelligence with voice.

Virtual Assistants

AI allows virtual assistants to give accurately contextualized answers when you ask them a question or order pizza through them. In the future, virtual assistants will be able to use data on the internet to make relevant recommendations for products. They will even hold a conversation with you like any human would.

Mr. Yoon believes that smarter virtual assistants will make life easier for Samsung customers. He indicated that Samsung aims to create products that will learn customers’ behavior and act accordingly.

Samsung has voice recognition technology already, but Viv will help “interpret what is being said” and connect to other services beyond Samsung’s own apps according to Mr. Yoon. He also indicated that there might be products that will have AI in the Samsung portfolio this year.

Samsung’s focus on AI is a smart move. Artificial Intelligence is expected to play a significant role in home automation’s future. This was very obvious during CES 2017 where some toothbrushes and wearables were AI-powered. In fact, industry insiders predict that more than 40 million homes will have intelligent personal assistants by 2021. For more information about Samsung’s automation products, please visit our website today.

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