Amazon’s New Echo Look Camera Can Help Your Style

April 29, 2017

Those that have fashion and style running through their veins understand the struggle of rummaging through their closet every morning to pick the “perfect” outfit. Fashionistas and style bloggers will love this new product announcement. Amazon feels your pain and has now debuted a device that will help you get ready in the morning.

They call the sleek and slim camera equipped oval cylinder that sits on a tripod the Echo Look. It can take pictures, record videos, and you can control it with your voice. The camera’s sense of depth can blur the background of your image to highlight your outfit clearly. It also has four LED lights on the front, a large microphone on the top, and a camera off button. The camera off button ensures that the Echo Look is not recording your every waking moment. Like the other Echo speakers, the Echo Look is a listening device for your voice commands.

Since it’s a hands-free camera, you can tell the camera to take full-length photos and even short videos. After the camera has taken a picture of your outfit, you can view it in the Echo Look app. The short videos can help you see your outfit from every angle and also determine how your outfit-of-the-day moves when you move your body. After using the device more than once, it will learn your favorite style and start making style recommendations on your daily look. These recommendations help introduce you to new brands and styles similar to your favorite look.

The Echo now wears stilettos

The personal assistant part is enhanced with the Style Check service that Amazon is launching with this camera. Style Check compares two photos of what you are wearing and tells you which outfit looks better. It uses a combination of advanced machine learning algorithms with advice from fashion specialists to compare different outfits and award them a particular rating.

But the device is also more than just a personal assistant. You can also ask the device to play your daily news bulletin, favorite music, the weather forecast, and much more. The Echo Look costs $199.99, and it comes with all the regular Alexa features and skills. Currently, purchasing the Echo Look requires an invitation from Amazon. Amazon is likely to announce an update that may increase the functionality of the Echo Look’s camera.

If all you want is a virtual personal assistant that can help you run your automated home, you can always buy the Amazon Echo or its cheaper counterpart the Amazon Echo Dot. The Echo speakers do not have cameras, but they can be integrated with other smart devices in your home to allow you to control those devices with your voice. Visit our website today for PDF manuals, videos, and articles that help guide you through the home automation world.

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