Tech We Wish They Made, But Don’t

April 27, 2017

In the popular animated science fiction sitcom “Rick and Morty,” Rick, the mad scientist, keeps giving his son-in-law devices that are supposedly designed to make life easier. He even gave his son-in-law a box that summons a personal assistant creature called Mr. Meeseeks whose primary purpose is to help achieve the dreams or wishes the person who summons it.

But since Rick is not your grandfather or father-in-law, you will not be getting any personal assistant creature anytime soon. Here is tech we’d wish they made but don’t:

Kitchen cards

Futurists first suggested kitchen cards in the 1960s. They thought that these cards would be very common devices by the 2000s. All they felt people would need to cook was a food card and a smart oven. The food card would have a special recipe chip on it, and you would push it through a slot on the oven. Then the oven would read the card and make the food exactly the way you want. There would be no messy counter tops or knife related kitchen accidents.

Our preferred smart oven would be similar to the one they predicted except that our smartphones and tablets would replace the card. You could also run the oven through voice control on Google Home or Amazon Echo.

It may seem like a farfetched idea, but currently, there is a robot chef created by Moley Robotics that works in a similar way. It consists of two robotic arms that capture the movements of a human chef with a 3D camera and then recreates every movement of the chef to make a meal. You can get it for about $90,000, but the one we wish for will be much cheaper than that.

A Smarter Fridge

Smart refrigerators already exist, but they do not work as well as the smarter fridge of our dreams. A smarter fridge will have the ability to learn your eating habits and suggest healthy recipes for you and your family. It will also be able to clean itself and use energy efficiently.

The Smarter fridge will respond to voice commands and engage in an intelligent conversation with you every morning. Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator is the closest thing to our vision of a Smarter Fridge. It has a 21.5-inch smart touchscreen with apps and a black stainless steel finish.

You can use the apps to scribble reminder notes, get access to recipes, and manage temperature in the refrigerator. But you cannot delete the apps, and you cannot download new ones.

A bed that massages

Imagine a bed that you can control with your smartphone and integrate with other devices in your home. The bed should include a mattress that can massage you and a system that can detect when you are having a difficult time sleeping. It will then respond by turning on quality white noise speakers on the headboard to help lull you to sleep.

The bed could also respond to Amazon Echo voice commands like “Alexa, I need a bed massage.”

A smart plate

If you are concerned about eating healthy, then you would appreciate a smart plate that can scan your food and tell you how healthy it is. No more having to measure the food on a kitchen scale or using several apps to calculate calories. It would also help if the smart plate can learn your eating habits and communicate with your smart refrigerator to come up with a good shopping list for your next healthy meal.

A lying Camera

A lying camera is just what you need to make an intruder show his face without intending to. It will look like an average smart camera but have two lenses. One lens will be real while the other will just exist to “lie” to a potential intruder.

A burglar will not be able to tell whether the camera is recording him or looking the other way. The camera could also have a strong 3D projector that can project a muscular security officer at the gate every time a burglar is trying to get in through your front door.

These wishes might seem impossible now, but developers are working on devices like the ones listed here. Technology is growing at a very rapid pace and what we think is impossible today may be very possible tomorrow. Want to know more about existing home automation gadgets? Check out our blog and product index today.

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