How Automation is Making the World A Better Place

April 19, 2017

You know how people say that Apple has run out of ideas and is now just releasing smartphones that are similar in appearance and function? Some people think that the automation industry does the same thing. Home automation is about changing and making the world a better place.

Make no mistake; automation is happening everywhere from your car to your workplace and your personal computer. It is not a fad that will soon dissipate, but a revolution that will change the way we live and work. Here is how automation is making the world a better place:

Water Conservation

To help conserve water many companies are coming up with solutions that do not waste this valuable resource. For instance, smart shower heads like the HYDRAO help you use less water by showing you how much water you are using while showering. It does this by changing colors as you use more water. The e-shower is another smart shower head that conserves water by increasing the surface area of water droplets.

There is also the EvaDrop, which uses sensors to determine how close you are standing to the shower head and automatically reduces water flow based on showering patterns and water flow. For people who live in drought-ridden areas like California or those that care about high water bills, these showers are a godsend. There are also smart outdoor sprinkler systems that turn off when they detect rain and let you know when there are water leaks.

All these smart systems have special sensors that can detect motion, environment, and sound.

Save energy while reducing energy costs at the same time

Automation is helping people pay less for energy without having to sacrifice quality. Most of the time people waste energy because they forget to turn off something or because they are just tired. One way to save energy is to install a smart thermostat like the Nest Learning Thermostat in your house. With Nest, you can save more than 10 percent on your heating bill. If you forget to turn it off when away from home, you can control it with your smartphone. The Nest Thermostat also learns your favorite at-home heating settings and tailors them in a way that helps you save energy automatically.

Smart LED lights like Philips Hue and Insteon have dimming features, which makes them very efficient, durable, and energy-saving. Since they are all connected bulbs, you can easily control them using an app on your smartphone. They are also a favorite for home décor enthusiasts because they have built-in color changing options.

Smart Entertainment

Entertained people are happy people, and happy people are more productive at work and home. Smart audio systems like the Amazon Echo, Sonos PLAY, and Google Home have revolutionized home entertainment. These speakers have multi-room features that can turn every room in your house into a dance club transmitting music with clear sound. The Sonos app allows you to add various streaming services and use them to create custom playlists. The Echo and Google Home have a voice control feature that lets you control everything in your home with your voice.


Police officers work hard to make neighborhoods safe, but they cannot prevent all crime. That is where devices like smart locks come in. Smart locks allow you to lock and unlock your door while at home or when you are away in another location. When you are away, you can give a friend or visitor digital keys to open your front door. Some smart door locks not only let you schedule when your door locks but can also record the person knocking at the front door using a tiny camera.

Smart smoke alarms also secure homes by monitoring carbon monoxide levels in your home and using alerts to warn you in the case of danger.

There are rumors that companies in the home automation industry are working on systems that not only control your blinds but can also monitor your health. Imagine your home detecting that you are about to have a heart attack and immediately calling an ambulance even before the pain hits you.

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