The Rise of the “Intelligent Car”

April 18, 2017

Wouldn’t it be nice if everything in our life could sync up like our smart home? If every action caused a convenient chain of events, making our lives easier? Well, the technology for that is here, and the connectivity and capability are just beginning. Many things can connect to your smart home, such as different devices, your smartphone, and most recently, your car! This addition is one of the most exciting innovations in automation technology yet. In cars with SmartDeviceLink technology, an app called Connect4 installs to connects your vehicle directly to your smart home, giving you control of different features even away from home.

More mobile control

From the car, the driver can control smart devices in the house, including things often forgotten like lights and locks. Not just convenient, this necessary safety feature also keeps you in control of your home even as you leave. Another possibility is the control of the thermostat in your home. While on your way to work, you can make sure to set the temperature in the house to something more energy efficient. And while on your way back home, you can set it to something more comfortable.

The app also allows certain buttons on the dash that perform multiple functions specific to your preferences. For instance, when leaving home, you can press the “Away” button, and the lights will turn off, the garage door will close, the temperature inside will change, the security system will arm, and the doors will lock. If you press “Arrive,” your home will open the garage door for you, turn the lights on, and change the temperature to something you preset. Instead of pressing individual buttons, these commands are all rolled into one simple touch, giving you maximum convenience.

This connectivity works both ways, your car connects to your home, but your home also connects to your car. It creates true connectivity between the car and the home, giving you all the tools you need to be safe, smart, and efficient.

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