FetchitGO Changing the Automation Game

April 8, 2017

Tantiv4 has designed an automation device that acts as a command center for your daily needs. While this wasn’t designed to take over for your 2GIG Panel, the FetchitGO adds to your current automation system to make daily tasks simpler.

The Basics:

The FetchitGO uses IoT technology to act as a remote for other devices and mobile apps. The concept is simple: press a button to achieve the designated action. This is accomplished by using IFTTT recipes to control things like your Philips Hue lights, your Nest thermostat, and even your music via Spotify.

The operation of the FetchitGO requires their app to pair the device to your phone. The app is geared towards making a digital shopping list. However, you can further customize the actions by using various IFTTT recipes to control your various smart devices. The wireless button command center works independently of your phone, making it ideal for larger families since each member can still use the device.


The front of the FetchitGO features 16 fully configurable buttons and spaces for writing or stickers to label each button. To use the smart pad, just press the desired button then swipe across the bottom of the pad. Because it does not use voice commands like the Amazon Echo or Google Home, there is no risk of the device misunderstanding the command.

Currently, the Kickstarter campaign has ended and was fully funded. You can still purchase the FetchitGO directly from Tantiv4 for $89.

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