Nest Cam Knows Whos at the Door

April 7, 2017

A new Nest app update launched recently will enable your Nest Indoor and Outdoor security cameras to know when someone uses your front door. With the new update, your Nest camera will be able to recognize a door within its view and automatically set it as an activity zone. Each camera can monitor a total of four activity zones or four areas you want to monitor. Whenever it detects any motion in an “activity zone,” the camera will send you an alert like “there was motion at your front door.” The new update allows Nest security cameras to send you more descriptive and accurate alerts.

How it works

According to Nest, the camera has sensors and smart algorithms that help it automatically detect doors. Previously, customers who had the Nest Aware had to create activity zones for their cameras manually. The new update is only available for Nest Aware users, which means you need to subscribe to Nest’s cloud service to use it. It is an optional fee-based service involving your camera recording continuously and storing footage for either 10 or 30 days. You can go back and watch what happened by accessing your video history depending on the Nest Aware option you purchased. The camera can also display live video when the system detects smoke or carbon monoxide.

Nest first announced the camera’s ability to recognize motion in a room in July last year. It can detect something moving in a room and can tell whether it is a human or an animal. When a human walks in front of your camera, it detects the motion and sends you a “person alert.”

New Features

Users that have iOS 10 and Android 7 apps will receive an animated preview notifications whenever Nest Aware detects motion. Previously, the notifications were small and still thumbnails. Additionally, users of Android Nougat 7.1 can now create shortcuts for specific areas of the Nest app. You no longer have to open the app to get access to specific options inside the app.

The new computer vision capabilities added to Nest improve its capabilities slightly. In the future, these features will be much more advanced and will help the company attract more Nest Security Camera users. Other smart products under the Nest brand are Nest Thermostat and Nest Protect. These products can integrate with other products like Google Home, WeMo, and more.

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