LG Smart Home Security Partners With ADT Canopy

April 6, 2017

It’s no secret that most top-notch home automation products are quite pricey and mostly intended for people with deeper pockets. However, since the demand for these home automation solutions has been on the rise, companies like LG are creating cheaper products to increase their market share in the industry. LG Electronics recently launched a low-cost plug-and-play monitoring product and home automation solution called LG Smart Security. The product is secured by ADT Canopy, a new no-contract service for 24/7 professional security monitoring.

LG’s New Smart Security

LG Smart Security is an all-in-one security and home automation device that has full HD video capabilities. Its camera captures crisp, clear videos, and its 130-degree field-of-view allows it to capture a whole room with limited distortion. The camera’s night vision feature also allows its users to monitor their homes at night. With a curved modern design, the device can blend easily with everything in your room making it hard to spot. You can also integrate it with other connected devices in your home, and control them via the ADT Canopy app.

The smart device also has Z-Wave support. This allows you to place contact sensors on doors and windows for enhanced security in your home. You can also use the LG Smart Security as a smart home hub for Z-Wave, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and ZigBee.

Monthly Subscription Options

Users will be able to choose between Intrusion Detection and Secure Video storage solutions depending on their lifestyles. The Canopy Intrusion Detection option goes for $19.99 per month while the Secure Video storage option goes for $9.99 for seven days and $29.99 for 30 days. If you buy the LG Smart Security device, you may sign up for a 60-day free trial of ADT Canopy monitoring, including seven-day video storage. In the future, Canopy partnerships will include applications like Life Safety and Panic Response.

Setup doesn’t require a long-term security contract, and you can control the device’s automation features using a smartphone or tablet. ADT is a leading provider of security and automation solutions for businesses and homes. The security company also partners with NETGEAR’s Arlo, which has a self-monitoring application enhanced by ADT’s 24/7 professional monitoring and response.

ADT is also in partnership with Glympse, a location technology firm. It makes its ADT Canopy Mobile Panic service available to Glympse users on mobile devices. In 2015, ADT partnered with big names in the home automation industry like Nest and Samsung SmartThings.

More and more security firms are coming up with packages that offer users the choice to enhance their home security without signing long-term contracts. The main reason for this is that these companies are facing a lot of competition from DIY security products. They have also started integrating their security systems with voice assistant products like Amazon Echo so their customers can secure their homes through voice control.

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