Why Home Automation Cameras are Discreet

March 24, 2017

A discreet camera is not necessarily a hidden camera. Instead, it is a camera that cannot be spotted just at a glance. Hidden cameras often come dressed in disguises such as a clock, a teddy bear, a fan, or even a speaker. The biggest drawback of using hidden cameras is that even though they are legal, you cannot record speech without asking for permission from the person you could be recording. This defeats the camera’s purpose.

However, a discreet smart camera fits in with other objects on top of a bookshelf, a desk, or a corner stool. You can only spot the camera when you focus your attention on one particular place. That is how you will realize that what you thought was a figurine through the corner of your eye is actually a sleek and curvy camera. Here are some of the reasons why home automation cameras are discreet:

Uneasy Guests

Even though a visible camera can act as a deterrent for thieves or intruders, it can also make your house guests feel uneasy. Imagine going to a home filled with visible blocky cameras on counters, tables, and walls; it may make you feel like you are in a sort of surveillance state. You could easily become too uncomfortable to engage freely with your hosts for fear of making a wrong move.

If it is your home, your guests will feel that you do not trust or respect them and may even decide not to visit you next time. These are some of the reasons why camera manufacturers design cameras that fit in with other objects in your house or to mount discreetly on the wall. A tiny camera on your doorbell is visible, but it is better than a large standard IP camera watching menacingly outside somewhere above your front door.

Instead of having a huge camera in your living room, you can just buy something similar to a Nest Cam. It is small, well designed and non-threatening to your guests. It not only has a wide field-of-view, but you can also control it using your smartphone. Guests would be “oohing” and “ahhing” about it and asking you how it works and where they can get one for their homes.

Capture the thief

There is also a chance that a clearly visible camera may be an opportunity instead of a deterrent for an intruder. He or she can plan to work around it or look up details about the camera’s weaknesses. A discreet camera placed among other items on a night stand, a bookshelf, or a desk will help capture the complete profile of an intruder. The intruder may not see it because it blends in with other items in your house.

Outdoor cameras can also be designed in such a way that they are not too obvious to a would-be criminal. They could have the same curved shape of the outdoor lights on your compound. If the camera has a motion-sensor that triggers an alarm, the criminal’s ability to break in lessens. All this happens before the intruder can even notice the presence of a camera in the house.

Compliment interior design

The sleek and curvy design of the Nest Indoor Camera complements the interior design of your home. Had it been just a black angular brick of a camera, you may have been tempted to hide it or may not have bought it in the first place.


An elegant camera compliments your home’s interior design, making your home even more beautiful. The camera’s sleekness lets it blend in with other objects in your home so that you do not have to change the wall paper just to make your camera fit in with the decor. For example, Icontrol’s elegant Piper NV camera comes in a glossy white or black finish. It blends in with other objects on your desk or counter.

Discreet cameras secure your home while being discreet in plain sight. They are not only beautiful but also have a wide field-of-view, night vision, high resolution, and you can control them with your smartphone. For more information about smart cameras and how to use these cameras visit our product categories and follow our blog.

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