Nest Working on Three New Products

March 23, 2017

There is a chance that you have heard about at least one automation product from the popular brand Nest. Nest created products known for their efficiency, great futuristic design, and ease of use. It has been awhile since they created new products but now this is going to change. Set to create three new products, Nest will expand the range of its smart-home products, which include a thermostat and smart security cameras.

The company’s management has been in hibernation ever since Alphabet acquired them. It makes sense for them to use these new products to take a bigger position in the automation industry. The new products include a smart doorbell with a camera, a key fob that can quickly activate and deactivate your alarm, and a security system with window and door sensors. You will be able to control these devices using a connected smartphone app.

New products and product upgrades

The smart doorbell with a camera apparently has a cool feature that will allow owners to communicate with visitors without even opening the door. However, it is still a long way off and expected to launch in 2018. The new system will be able to detect an intruder and respond by going off until someone turns it off. According to Bloomberg, the alarm system will have a hub complete with a keypad including the key fob. The company is planning to release this new security system sometime this year. This system has been in the works for over four years but has been killed and changed several times.

They are also working on a cheaper version of their well known Nest thermostat. According to a Bloomberg source, the device will cost somewhere under $200 and will look just like the current one without the metal edges. Nest also seems to be making progress on temperature sensors that will let users regulate specific room temperatures instead of only the whole house. There are also reports that Nest is planning an update to the Nest Cam.

It’s been awhile…

The company may not have released a wholly new product since 2013, but some argue that Nest pioneered the mass-market connected thermostat. It has been facing a lot of competition from companies like Honeywell and Ecobee, which also have smart thermostats. Despite this, the company has been experiencing yearly growth of over 50 percent.

Its products still take the trophy when it comes to quality and efficiency. For instance, Nest thermostats learn a user’s behavior and predict their actions and act automatically based on those predictions. Nest indoor and outdoor cameras have a new feature that can detect people walking into the room and differentiate them from animals. They also have a smart smoke alarm that features an industrial-grade smoke sensor controlled using your phone and can alert your phone. These devices can also integrate with Amazon Echo and Google Home.

So, it is only fair to assume that the new products that they are working on will only strengthen their brand and increase their market share. Visit our website and blog to learn more about Nest products and other home automation brands.

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