New Smart Coffee Table Designed to Make You Drool

March 22, 2017

It’s useless to ask our readers if they love new tech. Of course you do, that’s why you’re here. Enter in the Sobro Smart Coffee Table.

The Sobro is the tech generation’s answer to “there’s an app for that” in the furniture world. It combines all of your needs: Bluetooth speakers, USB charging ports, power outlets, touch control, LED lighting, and even a refrigerated drawer to keep your beer (or sodas!) cold. It’s every college kid’s dream, except the price tag. Depending on the backer perk you chose, the Sobro can start as low as $599 plus shipping (which they’ve capped at $89!!) with the full retail price set at $1500. So it pays to open your wallet early, with the first deliveries scheduled for September of this year. Let’s take a look at all the awesome features you get for your investment:

The Fridge:

Why bother getting up to walk into the kitchen to your Samsung Family Hub Fridge? With easily enough room for a variety of beverages or food, the refrigerator drawer offers adjustable temperature controls to make sure you keep everything at the perfect temperature.

Bluetooth Speakers:

The table features dual speakers on each side which use Bluetooth 4.0. The range is said to be approximately 33 feet.

LED Lighting:

It wouldn’t be a “smart” table without a little lighting touch. No need to install a couple LED strips to this bad boy, the Sobro comes with LED lights on the underside of the table, controllable on the top of the table, with 7 individual colors and one fade effect (all colors).

Charging & Power:

The table offers two 110V outlets to plug in your laptop or even a small projector. It also comes with two USB ports to charge all your devices.

Other odds and ends:

As if this table couldn’t get better, the durable tempered glass top features your touch control interface for controlling Bluetooth, the audio (volume, playback controls, etc.), lighting, and refrigerator temperature. It also offers two storage drawers to stow away those controllers or Once crowdfunding has reached their first stretch goal, Sobro will throw in a TV connect dongle to stream audio from your TV to your Sobro.

As of the publishing of this blog, Sobro has raised $172,145. At $1,000,000, Sobro has promised the choice between three colors. Do you think they will make it? We’ll have to wait and see. is here to help our users navigate the world of smart home tech. For more on awesome tech and how to use it, follow our blog or check out some of the products on our site.

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