So You’ve Bought Automation Devices, Now What?

March 14, 2017

You installed a new home automation system and can now close your blinds, check on your pets, control your lights all by tapping on your smartphone. The whole system has made your life easier and cooler, and you always take every opportunity to show it off to your friends. But you still wonder now that you have bought automation now what. Here are a few things you need to do:

Maximize Its Potential

Integrate the devices that can be integrated and enjoy your home automation system to the maximum. There are new automation owners that do not take advantage of their automation systems entirely. They just leave all the settings of the gadgets in default and never actually integrate their lights to work together with their thermostat and their cameras.

Why fill your tablet with several apps when you can centralize the control of these devices using Google Home, Amazon Echo, and other systems. If you prefer using apps, you can use the IFTTT app to create scenes that can help your devices work in unison.


Every type of tech out there has its faults or glitches. To ensure that your automation system works to its optimum level you must maintain it. Regularly test your Wi-Fi signals and also the voice control systems in your house to ensure they work seamlessly. If your light does not respond fast enough or at all to the action you tapped on your smartphone, check it out.

The problem could be with the power not reaching the bulb or a glitch. Sometimes it is an app update that causes your gadgets to behave strangely or not respond to some commands. Call an automation consultant in cases where you cannot tell what is wrong with your system.

Upgrade and Update

Always look out for new updates for your home automation system. An update can help your device perform a certain function better than it did before. The good thing with updates is that they can be set to happen automatically. Certain upgrades are not necessary because they do not enhance your automation experience.

But if upgrading your hub or your Echo Dot will enhance your experience then go for it. Think of it like you would think of upgrading your laptop. Yes, it could play your favorite Battlefield game pretty well two years ago, but now there is a new Battlefield game, and your laptop cannot play it.

Secure Your Networks

Are you concerned that someone is stealing your Wi-Fi? Not securing your Wi-Fi makes it vulnerable to hackers. The best way to secure your system is by setting up your router to employ the most secure encryption available. A WPA2 encryption with a secure password will help keep hackers at bay. Check all security settings of your home automation gadgets and check whether they have options for enhanced security. Many people don’t know that default configurations are common and that many people have already learned how to hack them. Make sure you have a plan for an attack and prepare for an attack by making sure all transfers of data in your system are encrypted. Avoid storing transaction records on a device or network.

These are just some of the steps you should take after you have bought automation. Browse our website today for more information as well as installation manuals.

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