6 Twitter Accounts to Follow About Automation

March 13, 2017

Keeping up with the home automation industry can sometimes be dizzying because of frequency at which new software and products are released. One way you can keep up is by following particular Twitter or Facebook accounts that are all about automation. Here are some of our favorite Twitter accounts to follow for all things automation:

Insteon (@Insteon)

Insteon manufactures such products like the Insteon Hub, Insteon Switch, Insteon wall outlets, LED bulbs, and so on. It is regarded as the leading authority in home automation and home improvement.

Their Twitter page is full of advice for users of its products and how-to videos for Insteon products. They also tweet updates on their products and any known issues. Insteon was founded in 2005 in Irvine, CA by Joe Dada who currently serves as the CEO of the company.

Amazon Echo (@amazonecho)

Amazon Echo’s Twitter and Facebook pages are colorful, which is not surprising for a mainly e-commerce company. They post about new features or updates available for their products as well as new products they launched. You can also see posts about Amazon Echo voice commands such as “Alexa, ask Pizza Hut to place an order.” developed the Amazon Echo speaker, a very popular device that can integrate with several third-party devices allowing you to control them with your voice. Other products they have include the Echo Dot (a smaller, cheaper version of Amazon Echo) and the Amazon Tap.

Philips Hue (@tweethue)

Philips Hue developed the popular Philips Hue Lightbulbs. You can control these wireless lighting devices remotely from your smartphone or tablet. Their Twitter page shows third-party products that integrate with their lighting products.

They also provide links that demonstrate how these products integrate and various ways to use them. Philips Hue products include light strips, starter kits, bulbs, lamps, and more.


Just as the handle suggests, this account is all about the Internet of Things (IoT). Home automation relies on the Internet of Things especially when it comes to different connected devices communicating in a network.

The Twitter and Facebook pages of IBM Internet of Things provides you with various videos and articles that will help you understand what IoT is and why it is essential for automation.

IBM is a multinational company that manufacturers both computer hardware and software. The company does a lot of research on artificial intelligence, and they focus on enabling computers to communicate with people by answering questions using a natural language.

Sonos (@Sonos)

Sonos is known for its wide range of smart speakers. These include Sonos PLAY:1, Sonos PLAY:3, Sonos PLAY:5, as well as their accessories. Their home sound systems are wireless and provide a multi-room experience. Sonos’ Twitter and Facebook pages are full of ads that show how to use their speakers and how you can connect your speakers to music streaming websites.

Us! (@EnlightTech)

Last but certainly not least: us! Our Twitter and Facebook pages have a variety of posts from our blogs to spotlights on some of the products on our site. We’ve also peppered in some funny memes, cool tech stories, and futuristic devices we think you’ll love. aims to openly and honestly provide all the information our users need for their tech, including installation guides, YouTube videos, plus other How-Tos. Follow us on our social channels to stay informed of all of our indexed products as well as the site’s feature updates.

Following these Twitter accounts means you will get notifications about new product releases as well as updates before most tech news sites do. For more information about automation check out our blogs.

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