5 Simple Smart Home Technologies to Add to Your Home Now

March 7, 2017

Many homeowners are becoming fascinated with smart home technology. Smart home technology can make your life so much easier with just a tap of your phone. You can control heating and air condition, appliances, lights, and home security systems all without having to be at home. It sounds so simple! While smart home technology seems like a dream, some homeowners are still unsure about integrating smart home technology in their homes. There are many aspects to consider including cost and feasibility. But once you have started automating your home, you will not want to go back. Smart home technology was made to make your life easier.

Keep It Simple Stupid! (KISS)

For those who are still unsure how to achieve the smart home of their dreams or may be skeptical of automating something as big as appliances, yet aspire to have a fully automated home, here are some simple smart home technologies that you can add to your home without much effort or worry:

  • Remote Garage Door Access:

    This one is super simple. Millions of people already use a remote controlled garage door access. All you have to do is buy a kit and install it. Turn the receiver on, program it to the remote, and leave the remote somewhere in your car (most people put it on the visor), and then you can open your garage door without ever setting foot out of your car!

  • Automated Sprinklers:

    Another simple automation that is very popular is automated sprinklers. Install these sprinklers in areas around your yard that will allow them to cover the entire lawn and set the timer to come on at peak watering times. Then you never have to worry about taking the time to water your lawn again!

  • Install Security Cameras:

    Security and surveillance cameras are becoming quite popular with most mainstream security systems. If you already have a security system set up in your home, you should be able to get the technology for video surveillance from your monitoring company. And if you want to do it yourself, it is as easy as buying webcams, installing them in the areas you want to monitor, and hooking them all up to the same system.

  • Smart Light Bulbs:

    Smart light bulbs are simply light bulbs that can connect to your phone. You replace all of your regular light bulbs with these and then download an app that will let you control each bulb individually. With smart light bulbs, you can turn lights on or off, dim the lights, and control all lights when you are not home.

  • Media Centers:

    Media centers are becoming increasingly popular as more and more media is becoming available online. If you install an all-inclusive media center, you can control all of your devices in one place. This includes stereos, TVs, and DVD/Blu-Ray players. Imagine being able to turn on your favorite tunes, movies, or TV shows without lifting a finger. Media centers can also come in pretty handy when you host a party.

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