The Future of Voice Control

March 2, 2017

The most crucial part of any modern smart home is voice control. The ability to seamlessly have all your devices connected and working at the sound of your voice has become an incredibly sought after service in this growing industry. For most people, a device like the Amazon Echo or Google Home is the first thing purchased if they are thinking of turning their home into a smart home. It is the best step to take if you are just getting started. However, it took a while to get this far, and it will take even more time to advance these further.

Features of the Future

Regardless of the timeline, the future of voice control is brilliant. With convenient features already available, like the ability to control the lights, order things, recall recipes, take notes, control the temperature and locks, and so much more – all with your voice – your voice control devices are pretty much the hub of your smart home. However, it is a possibility that routers will carry voice control and integration capabilities with various voice control systems. Using the router as a “smart hub” would increase the security of your home because you would be able to use anti-virus protection on your router which would also protect everything connected to it.

One of the biggest hopes for the future is the use of biometrics. If there are many people in a household with one voice control device, it would be very convenient if devices could distinguish each voice and respond based on previous events. For example, different people in the household probably have different music accounts with different playlists. If someone says “play music” the device could recognize who said it and, accordingly, what music to play. As technology advances, voice control devices will become smarter and more adaptable to the personal habits of its users. Voice control has come a long way, extending from phones to tablets to cars to houses. It has made communication safer and easier for millions of people. The capabilities are already astounding, and since this is a relatively new technology, it promises an exciting and life-changing future.

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