Better with Bose

March 1, 2017

A Brand Known for Quality

Increasing exponentially in popularity, over-the-ear headphones continue to stay at the top of the audio market. With many excellent brands of headphones to choose from, Bose – one of the most well-known brands – is revolutionizing the sound experience by playing music how it was meant to be heard. Headphones not only deliver music to the user but also aim to make the environment around the user as muted as possible. There are very few things more annoying than trying to listen to music in a loud environment with headphones that don’t cancel out any noise. However, Bose engineers their headphones differently. These headphones were built to measure the sound waves in your environment and cancel them out by transmitting the signal opposite to them. As soon as you pull these headphones over your ears, the world around you fades, and you get to participate in an ethereal sound experience.

Changing Technology

The newest additions to the Bose headphone family are not only top of the line noise-cancellers, but also Bluetooth compatible. No wires mean no cord tangling or breakage, leaving you unencumbered by a wire that always seems to be too short. Bluetooth is becoming popular with devices everywhere. Some are even doing away with their headphone jacks to become solely Bluetooth compatible – such as the iPhone 7. This move is a step in the right direction considering Bluetooth is far easier to use than traditional wires.

It is no secret that Bose takes their audio technology very seriously. With richer bass and clearer vocals, the user hears the music just as the producers did in the studio. However, increased audio doesn’t mean decreased comfort. The headphone features an incredibly soft and smooth band with synthetic leather ear cushions. Durable and light, these headphones make it easy to listen to music wherever, whenever. With headphones such as these, you don’t only listen to music, you feel it. The sound becomes a luxury that’s hard to live without, making it incomparable to any models on the market previously. A trusted name and an ever evolving and bettering product continues to earn the trust of millions of users. With style, comfort, and usability in mind, Bose engineered a pair of headphones that everyone would easily use unapologetically.

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