Smart Locks make you feel secure at home

How to Feel Secure in Your Home Security System

February 23, 2017

Unfortunately, everyone is familiar with the frustration of fumbling for their keys. Easy to misplace or forget, keys often elicit feelings of stress instead of security. Luckily, new advances in home security make entering and exiting your house safely more efficient than ever before. With many different types of smart locks on the market, effortlessly pick the best lock for your lifestyle. Smart locks offer many different and customizable ways to enter a house. You can purchase a smart lock equipped with a touchscreen or keypad, giving you the ability to provide different access codes to everyone in the household. This feature also lets you know who entered the house and when they entered, making this an incredibly important safety feature.

Another type of smart lock opens with a remote fob, sensing when you approach and unlocking the door for you – no more fumbling for keys! Purchasing and equipping a smart lock saves you the money and time it would take to make an extra key for everyone who needs access to your home. This is also a great technological advance away from the commonly used “emergency key” usually placed under a rock by your front door, giving almost anyone who has a little patience the access to your house and all of your belongings.

Easy Features for Integration

Smart locks are easy to install and even easier to use, especially for people just starting the smart home transition. Perhaps one of the most beneficial features of the smart lock is its seamless integration with your home automation system. The lock, for example, has the potential to pair with your thermostat, turning it to the desired setting as soon as you unlock the door. You can also program the smart lock to sync with your lights to open your door to a well-lit house.

If you forget to lock your door, you can check and lock it remotely with your smartphone. These features only serve to make your home life easier, even away from home! A smart lock is an essential and exciting addition to any smart home. It is also a great security feature to have even if you aren’t ready to fully automate your home yet. This is a product that would undoubtedly make you and your family’s lives easier and, more importantly, safer.

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