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February 22, 2017

Make Yourself a Smart Home by Deploying These 5 Types of Automation

Times are changing, and the digital regime is taking over. Well, very soon we just might have those flying cars. As modernization is fast approaching so do us as individuals want to change with it.

We all like being comfortable in our little worlds. Hence, many people are now moving towards digitizing certain areas and aspects of their livelihood. What can you automate in your home? Read on to find out.

Home electronics and automation go hand in hand in the digital world. Smart homes are not that easy to come by, and if you do, they are pretty darn expensive. The other option: to automate your home rather than buy one. The basic electronics in our homes such as the air conditioner, home theaters, and the television are all controlled by their specific remotes. But automating your whole home means having every electronic gadget under the control of one remote controller.

Type 1: WirelessThe 2GIG Indoor HD Wi-Fi Camera with 720p resolution.

The most widely used form of automation is the wireless type where every device receives commands through frequency signals. Any automated home should have high definition cameras even in the night. The camera allows you as a homeowner to view what exactly is happening in every room of the house from the central integrated controller. It also services as a way of checking if a certain gadget is performing the command assigned to it by the individual.

Type 2: Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Another home automated electronic is the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. This efficient and convenient automation of this device can be lifesaving. In the presence of a starting fire triggers the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and they sound an alarm. This alarm sends a notification to you on your smart device, then allowing you to call 911 immediately. The automation of this device can save a life and a home in the nick of time.

Type 3: Lighting

You can also automate the lighting of the home in two ways. The first one fits the system with motion detectors and sensors that trigger the lights to go off or turn on by the mere presence of a moving body. The second uses a controller system, which allows you to either turn on, turn off, heighten or lower the intensity of the light. It gives you the flexibility to change the lighting according to your moods.

Type 4: Temperature and Humidity Detectors

Temperature and humidity detectors can also automate in your house. No one ever wants mold to start growing on the walls of their house just because it was too humid. Sometimes getting off the chair just to find some warm clothes when it starts raining as you just get settled for an entertaining movie can be challenging. To prevent that, temperature and humidity monitors and sensors have been automated to send a signal to the controller if and when the temperature gets too high or low or when the humidity levels rise or lower beyond a set level. By automating these devices, it gives the person control over the conditions inside your house.

Type 5: Home Theater & TVs

The other essential automated gadgets are the home theaters and television sets. We all want to sit down watch a movie or listen to music without constantly having to stand up to flip next, forward or change. You can digitize all these entertainment devices to enjoy the experience to the maximum.

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