Why Z-Wave Plus is Better Than Z-Wave: 7 Improvements

February 20, 2017

Z-Wave is a home automation protocol used in the wireless interconnection of smart home products to enable them to communicate. “Smart home products” in this case refers to devices like lights, thermostats, locks, windows and door sensors, and much more. The Z-Wave technology enables these products to communicate, facilitating daily activities in a home such as turning the lights on or off, securing your home, saving energy, remotely controlling home appliances using your smartphone, issuing voice control, etc.

The newest generation of Z-Wave, Z-Wave Plus – also known as 5th Generation or Generation Five – features lots of improvements and brings a better performance to the user. Devices designed for Z-Wave Plus are based on a new series of chips which are fully backward compatible with Z-Wave products. Below is a list of seven improvements of Z-Wave Plus over Z-Wave.

  1. 50% improvement in battery life

Given the improvements in the manufacturing process and significant upgrades over previous generations, Z-Wave Plus features a 50% improvement in battery life when compared to standard Z-Wave. Z-Wave Plus doesn’t depend on any other devices in the system. This allows you experience an extended battery life. You also save money over time due to this improved battery life.

  1. 67% improvement in range

Z-Wave Plus is the best option when your network consists of a larger area. With a considerable increase in the range of Z-Wave Plus, you need less smart home devices to automate your home. Buying less smart home devices also means you save a lot when carrying out your home automation process.

  1. Backward compatibility

Backward compatibility is critical if you have been using Z-Wave previously and already have Z-Wave devices in your home. The backward compatible Z-Wave Plus works with your existing devices. It does not require you to buy new Z-Wave Plus Certified products. The old Z-Wave products will work just fine, although they may not use all the new capabilities of Z-Wave Plus.

  1. 250% more bandwidth

The Z-wave Plus technology also features an increase of up to 250% bandwidth of data transmission to your system. This increase means higher frequency transmissions send substantively more data between devices in less time. It offers an improved network performance. Thus no more packets lost and a very fast signal transmission.

  1. 3 RF channels for better noise immunity

The new Z-wave Plus has 3-RF (Three Radio Frequency) for better transmission of signals and improved noise immunity – it can perform well even in the presence of noise.

  1. Easier installation

It has a new plug-n-play network inclusion feature. Hence, you can easily get new Z-Wave Plus devices integrated into your network. There are no complex installations, as they have also upgraded their product certification databases.

  1. Easy Updating

Z-Wave Plus has the standardized method for Over the Air firmware updates. You get free delivery of updated software or data to your devices; you no longer have to fiddle with your devices to get everything up-to-date. Everything gets fully updated with a faster installation on the front end. The product information capturing technology has also been upgraded so that new products get added easily to the Z-Wave product database.

Bottom Line

The improvements channeled into the Z-Wave Plus have made it a better home automation technology as compared to the previous Z-Wave technology. It offers better and faster performance given the improvements in bandwidth, higher noise immunity, easy installation and updating, and since it supports backward compatibility, you can still use it with old Z-Wave products.

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