Google Home Vs. Amazon Echo: Our Take

February 15, 2017

The newest trend in home technology comes in the form of a helpful virtual assistant. The most popular virtual assistant has been Apple’s Siri, but recently, several other competitors have come on the market. Windows came out with Cortana and Amazon developed Alexa. Now, one of the biggest companies in the technology market has released their own set of products with a virtual assistant. Google just launched a new line of products in direct competition with Amazon called Google Home.

Google Home could change the face of smart home and personal assistant technology. It will be the first smart home technology directly connected with the world’s most popular search engine and steps the game up for its competition. The tech world designed these new technologies with consumers in mind. Everything about them aims to make the user’s life easier. From taking down information and listening to commands, to controlling technology all throughout the house, these small devices are doing more and more.

Some Major Advantages

While Amazon has a large lead on Google as far as the length of time their devices have been available for purchase, Google offers something Amazon does not. Google Home features Google Assistant, Google’s version of Siri, Cortana, and Alexa. Google Assistant has the capability to search Google, check traffic, create lists, add items to a calendar, and track a package. While all of these tasks, minus searching Google, are all things Alexa and other virtual personal assistants can do, Google Assistant can also control your music and television if you have the appropriate connecting devices.

Chromecast is Google’s audio and video streaming device. With Google Home and Chromecast, you can start and control YouTube and Netflix, send photos to your TV, and sync and play music – all without lifting a finger. The more Chromecast devices you have throughout your home, the more of your home you can control. This synchronicity is something that the Amazon Echo cannot match.

Another significant feature that Amazon Echo doesn’t quite live up to is Google Home’s conversational commands. While the Amazon Echo is constantly growing with new inevitably and skills, Alexa does not tend to recognize commands outside of her preprogrammed knowledge. With Google Home, you have all of Google at your disposable. You can ask it any question, and it learns and picks up on the conversation.

Also, Google Home features a customizable appearance making it easy to fit into anyone’s home. That is something that the Amazon Echo does not offer either. One of the bigger advantages of Google Home is that it is cheaper than the Amazon Echo. Google released the Google Home at $130 while Amazon set the Echo’s price at $180. Priced competitively, Google Home is sure to impress consumers.

A New Standard

Google is one of the largest technology corporations in the world known for its innovative and user-friendly technology. The addition of Google Home to the smart home and personal assistant technology is sure to change the name of the game for the better. This new smart home technology will have more features, be easier to use, and easier to integrate into any home. The competition between Google Home and the Amazon Echo will surely produce some incredible new devices.

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