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How the Traditional Alarm System Has Changed

February 14, 2017

Home security has been an important part of home ownership for decades. Protecting your home, valuables, and family brings you a peace of mind that is hard to find anywhere else. The easiest way to do that is with an alarm system. Thankfully, over the years, changing technology has made home security simpler and more accurate than ever before. There are dozens of options on the market that allow you to customize your home security plan. From the devices you use to the way you monitor your house, traditional alarm systems have morphed into incredible pieces of technology that keep you and your home protected 24/7.

DIY Your Alarm/System

Technology has created the possibility to create a DIY home security system that puts a traditional alarm system to shame. You no longer need one single home security company to provide all of the equipment for your alarm system. Thanks to modern technology, you can pick and choose the items that monitor and protect your home. The most common pieces of alarm systems include video surveillance, remote monitoring, and the ability to contact the local police department. These items can be purchased from nearly anywhere and installed on your own. As a bonus, a lot of these devices also come with their own apps you can begin using immediately.

Never Wonder What Exactly is Going On

Whether you choose to create your own DIY alarm system or go with a specific company and their equipment, most features between alarm systems are the same and stem from traditional alarm systems. Everything is designed with your protection in mind and allows you to monitor and control your home security system from anywhere in the world.The 2GIG GC3 Security Home Control for smart home security protection.

Instead of leaving your house and the fate of your property up to a traditional alarm system, new modern alarm systems allow you to keep constant tabs on your home through video surveillance, remote controls, alerts, and apps. It’s a great feeling to know that leaving your home does not mean leaving it unprotected. With the touch of a button, some alarm systems allow you to lock your doors, turn your alarm system on and off, or even talk to someone on your doorstep.

Wireless = Reduced Potential for Interference

One of the best safety features that evolved from traditional alarm systems is the wireless technology. Wireless technology and the use of cellular data means that the potential interference, whether it be human-made or natural, decreases. With wireless technology, you no longer have to worry about someone cutting the phone lines or a storm knocking out your lines and losing contact with the local police department. Before now, if either occurred, the police would have no way of knowing something went wrong in your home. This feature is one of the safest features that came with modern alarm systems.


Traditional alarm systems have come a long way from where they once were. Alarm systems are now ten times safer than ever before and continue to get better every day. There’s no telling how many more advances alarm systems will make in the next few years, but they can only keep getting better and safer.

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